Girdle care

Melibelt girdles must be handwashed. You should try to buy non-abrasive detergents and not use aggressive cleaning products such as bleach. When drying them, never put them in the dryer because the spandex and the elastic elements can be damaged. You should also try not to hang them out to dry in direct sunlight , especially during the summer.

If you want to take special care and your girdle has zippers or fasteners, you should dry them by hand. You can do this with a towel or paper. Once this is done, you can now hang up the girdle. The point of drying the zippers by hand is to avoid rusting if they are metallic and above all, to keep their shape for as long as possible (whatever the material may be). If the zippers are made of plastic, direct contact with the sun may deform them.

In the case of girdles that include straps (such as bras), it is convenient to take them off or remove them before washing and wash them separately. This is because these straps usually move during the spin cycle and roll up into the girdle itself, which can deform it.

¿How often should a girdle be washed?

It is advised to was the girdle every four (4) days, but it will always depend on the treatment you have gone through or doing. If you have had liposuction, it is best to consult your doctor or specialist.

Let´s go over the most important points to keep in mind if you want your girdle to look like the first day:

  • Wash your girdle by hand with neutral soap.
  • Do not hang it in the sun or put it in the dryer.
  • Do not shake it with your hands to try to dry it.
  • If it has metal parts, carefully dry them so they don´t rust.