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Girdle care

Taking care of our girdle so that it retains its basic characteristics is very important. These are our recommendations for your washing process.

  • Hand wash.
  • Avoid abrasive detergents.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning products, as this can damage its fibers and alter its color in the case of chlorine.
  • Do not put them in the dryer because their fabrics and elastic elements may be damaged.
  • You should also try not to hang it in a place where the sun hits it directly.


If you DO use a washing machine (which is not ideal) we give you some tips that will help you take care of your garment.

  • It is advisable to remove shapewear that includes straps or straps (such as bras) before washing them and try to wash them separately. This is done because these strips tend to move during turning and become wrapped around the strap, causing some damage.
  • Wash it in special washing bags.
  • Wash on delicate cycle and cold water.
  • Always wash your sash completely closed or buttoned, this will prevent the hooks from becoming tangled and damaged.
  • And remember not to put it in the dryer at all, since these are fibers that can be damaged by heat or reduce the useful life of the strap.

How often should you wash a girdle?

It is advisable to wash the belt every 4 days, but everything will depend on the treatment you are doing. If you have had any clinical procedures performed, it would be best to consult your doctor or specialist.

Let’s review the most important points that you should keep in mind if you want your girdle to stay in perfect state, just like the first day:

Wash your girdle by hand with neutral soap.

Do not store them in the sun or in dryers.

Remember that once your girdle is dry, store it in its packaging which has a ziploc closure and is designed for refrigerate then take it to the refrigerator (not freezer), this will make your girdle return to its natural state and its fibers will recover, the average time that we recommend  is 6-8 hours, many clients do this process at night.